Python Abort on MacOS Catalina

Yes. I upgraded to Catalina on the first day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now I'm trying to run a Python program and it's exiting with Abort trap: 6. The crash report indicates the specific problem is with an OpenSSL dylib file…

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Recovering Terraform State

Here's the scenario… you have documented the steps for creating new infrastructure using Terraform including ensuring that state files are dealt with properly (remote in AWS S3). However, at some point those directions aren't followed and you now have infrastructure that is orphaned with no state. What do you do?

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Yet Another Tech Blog?!

Does the internet need another tech blog? No, probably not. However, I frequently lament doing a poor job documenting all the things I've figured out how to do over the years. Thus, I plan to make an effort to document those things here for all who find my methods sane to freely copy.

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